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Do. Or do not. There is no try.

Step 1: Thinking about solar

Whether you are ready to go solar or just curious, we can provide an initial view of your home’s solar potential. This is a great way to start.

We will look at how much sun hits your roof and how much space there is for a solar system.. The goal here is to help you understand your home's unique solar potential. Two homes on the same street can have drastically different energy production. The gold colored homes below are ideal for solar compared to their neighbors across the street on the shady side.

Step 2: Talk to Other Solar Companies!

There is a whole gamut of companies to consider and it is a good idea to see more than one quote or proposal. We can even recommend other companies to consider. 

There are also websites that can help you get in touch with multiple installers by simply sharing your address and contact info.

To get started, check out Energy Sage:  

Step 3: Call Butterfly & Site Visit

 When you are ready to move forward, it may be the first time we meet face to face. Before meeting we will mutually agree upon any necessary Covid or other safety protocol. 

This site visit simply cannot be done remotely as we need to see three key parts of your home: 1) your roof and 2) your roof’s internal framing structure (usually available via an attic or crawl space)  and 3) your home’s existing electric main service panel (MSP) and PECO meter.. We typically need about 5 - 10 minutes inside your home.

With this onsite survey completed, we now can tell you accurately whether you need any work done on your roof or if an upgrade will be required for the existing electric service. Most homes in Upper Dublin will need very little, if anything, in terms of prep work. But we still check to avoid surprises later.

Finally, we turn to the engineers to develop a system that is compliant with Upper Dublin’s new solar code and PECO’s interconnection standards. 

This step ends with a final proposal that details your system’s size, annual savings and total cost.

(TIP: If you have not talked to any other solar companies yet, we still recommend it …)

Step 4: Contract, Money, Install

Let’s do this!

We will provide you with a final contract to review and request either a 10% deposit or, if you are getting a loan, skip the deposit once your loan application is submitted.

Next up are permit applications for Upper Dublin and PECO's Interconnection paperwork for your approval and signature. 

Once your permits are approved, then it is time to set an install date. Most residential installs will be done in 1-2 days. If you are paying cash, then we will agree on payment terms due before the actual installation starts. Those using a loan will get their install date set once the loan is approved.

Step 5: All Systems Go!

After inspections are completed with Upper Dublin, then it’s time to “flip the switch”.


We will prepare documents for the federal tax credit, recurring local SREC payments and final PECO requirements. Additionally we will provide you with your project's building and electrical plans in a digital format. This is handy for a variety of reasons including home sales and insurance coverage.

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