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Solar systems are built to last 25 years at a minimum. So let’s make sure that your roof is ready to go the distance as well. Butterfly will do a full roof inspection before any solar project. 

Whether your roof needs minor repairs or it is time for a complete replacement, Butterfly will help you understand all options. Combining roof work with your solar project is a core benefit of working with Butterfly. We know getting the roof right before putting on solar is simply the only way to do it.

Solar Systems

Using the abundant energy from the sun will greatly reduce your electricity costs for decades. No more spikes or rate hikes, just predictable, affordable power. That’s the benefit of solar power and true energy independence. Plus, the energy you produce is cleaner and safer than what you normally purchase.

The system we design for your home will use the same core components as the ones on our own homes. We have an extremely limited number of suppliers. In most cases they are based on long term relationships: we know the companies that make the products and the people behind them. We take it personally so you don't need to worry.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Maybe you already drive an electric vehicle or are planning to get one soon. You’re not alone. It’s estimated that 30% of vehicles in the U.S. will be electric by the late 2020s.

Solar production and EVs are a perfect match and Butterfly handles both. We will install a charger during your installation so that you can fill up your ‘tank’ with free energy from the sun. We will also design a solar system to match your EVs footprint so your car is truly green.

Smart Home (aka Batteries)

Making your own energy with solar power is the start of the new smart home. Now you can also store energy for a backup power source in case of blackouts. If your concerned about losing power, then storage is a solution to consider. We can guide you through the decision process and share the pros and cons of adding batteries.

We are not there yet but eventually Pennsylvania and PECO might even incentivize ratepayers to put power back on to the grid during the year. Today adding storage makes sense when you simply need to keep the power on and critical operations running.

Butterfly takes the guesswork out of the process by integrating your needs into one simple solution. The result is a truly connected home.

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