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Phase 1

There are literally thousands of solar installation companies in the United States and more coming every day. They run the gamut from ‘Mom and Pop’ small businesses to billion-dollar giants that trade on Wall Street. With such a wide variety, homeowners can choose a company that matches their values.  

We encourage our customers to talk with other solar companies. Getting a solar system is not a trivial purchase for a homeowner. You should get more than one quote and proposal to consider.

However, Butterfly PBC is the only company with a comprehensive three phase plan to bring Upper Dublin the real value of solar energy.

We estimate there are approximately 1,000 homes that are ideal for solar in our township. An ‘ideal’ home for solar means that the available roof space faces the right direction and there is minimal shading by nearby trees. That is about 1 in every 7 homes of the 7,000 single family detached residences in Upper Dublin.

We plan to focus initially on these homes as they will have the best solar production and annual savings. Getting these homes up and running with solar is the first phase.

Find out if your roof is similar to the homes shown below in gold. Those 'golden' homes will outperform neighboring homes with darker purple surfaces that indicate shading and/or less optimal orientation to the sun. It is easy to find out, just ask us.

Phase 2

The second phase requires some help from the State Legislature in Harrisburg. Today there are bills in both the House (HB#1555) and Senate (SB # 472) that, if approved and signed by the Governor, will make Community Solar legal in Pennsylvania.

Community solar is a framework that allows people to produce solar power remotely (ie, away from their meter or home) and enjoy the savings on their electric bill. So if your home is beautifully tucked inside mature trees or if your roof won’t work for solar, then you can still participate via community solar. While the exact details still need to be worked out, community solar should offer every homeowner, renter or business in Upper Dublin the ability to get clean energy while saving on utility costs. We estimate that community solar can power more than 2,000 homes. Better still, it is possible to generate this clean, safe power right here in Upper Dublin!

Phase 3

The third phase in Butterfly’s plan is to link together our solar homeowners and community solar folks. This gets wonky quickly but we plan to create a “Virtual Power Plant” (aka VPP) right here in UD. With a VPP, we can help stabilize the local grid with stored energy when needed while enjoying increased savings for all of our wallets. This too will need help from Harrisburg and PECO. Luckily there is plenty to do in the meantime.

In the ‘crawl, walk, run’ analogy, we are definitely in the crawl stage. But the success of neighboring states provides clear examples of how tomorrow's grid will work with solar. Today's pioneering work with VPPs will make it possible in a few years to truly link together Upper Dublin.

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